Welcome! The VeloRaptors are a social group of cyclists based out of Montclair, Oakland. Our regular rides are:
Sunday - 8:45 Meet at Paddington Cafe in Montclair,
Wednesday - 9:00 Meet at Starbucks in Montclair, and
Saturday - 8:45 Meet at Warehouse 416, 416 26th in Uptown Oakland.
Most rides are 30 miles (or less). We usually stop for coffee/snacks at a cafe along the way.

Y Rounder

Y-Rounder Rules

As many of you may know, during the past several years, several of our club members have participated in the Ultra Marathon Cycling Associations (UMCA) Y-Rounder ride club. This club requires the participants to do 12 rides of from 90 -110 miles each year. The Y-Rounder rules allow a rider a little leeway by permitting them to bank or make-up 2 rides a year. So, simply stated, while the participants must complete 12 rides they can do the rides in 10 of the 12 months.

Beginning in January of 2014 the VeloRaptors will sponsor our own version of a Y-Rounder club. However, our ride distances will be built around the standard metric century 100 kilometers (62 miles). As with the UMCA rules, the participants’ must complete 12 rides and do one ride in at least 10 months. For a ride to count, similar to the UMCA rules for the Y-Rounder Rides, our rules will accept a ride of from 55-68 miles. We will from time-to-time plan our Y-Rounder ride to offer an extended traditional century ride as an option. Our own Steve Goldenberg has offered to be the Y-Rounder statistician, so stay tuned for more on how to submit your ride information to Steve.

The first VeloRaptors Y-Rounder ride will be Saturday January 18th and start at the 416 26th Warehouse. Randy Mellin will coordinate the ride with Ron Scrivani and the Saturday ride group. Of course, the two groups can ride at a different pace. The route will be a figure 8 with the first half heading to Richmond and the second half going down to Hayward and back.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Randy Mellin at 510.693.3338, or at Retmellin@gmail.com.

Member Number of Rides Mileage Elevation
Bagnell, Bill 4 290.20 11,796.00
Blair, Steve 10 747.30 41,242.00
Brumell, Robin 3 235.45 8,396.00
Di Costanzo, Barbara 6 418.90 20,742.00
Di Costanzo, Larry 6 427.15 20,742.00
Gills, Bob 2 125.13 1,044.00
Goldenberg, Steve 8 555.73 24,985.00
Linden, Stephen 5 361.34 14,150.00
Klinedinst, Charlie 2 127.39 5,754.00
Machie, Fil 1 63.63 522.00
McTighe, Kevin 24 1,724.30 14,322.00
Mellin, Randy 5 338.45 12,944.00
Montello, Russ 4 245.45 8,993.00
Neal, Howard 1 61.50 522.00
Salma, John 1 61.50 522.00
Scrivani, Ron 3 188.76 1,566.00
Stein, Sue 1 61.50 522.00
Stewart, Susan 4 241.93 9,834.00
Thomas, Greg 3 203.29 522.00
Wilging, Tom 5 324.40 11,261.00
Total 98 6,803.30 210,381.00