Welcome! The VeloRaptors are a social group of cyclists based out of Montclair, Oakland. Our regular rides are:
Sunday - 8:45 Meet at Paddington Cafe in Montclair,
Wednesday - 9:00 Meet at Starbucks in Montclair, and
Saturday - 8:45 Meet at Warehouse 416, 416 26th in Uptown Oakland.
Most rides are 30 miles (or less). We usually stop for coffee/snacks at a cafe along the way.

President’s Message May 2013

Hello all you Veloraptors:

Let me start by saying I am honored to have been elected as your new President by the Board of Directors, following the May 20th Members meeting held at Sibely Volcanic Park.  Prior to the Board meeting, the members attending the annual membership meeting re-elected Susan Stewart (outgoing president) and Robin Brumell to their second 2-year terms as Directors and Tom Wilging to his first 2-year term as Director. Having been a member of the Board for the past 3 years, I have had the privilege of working with the many committed VeloRaptors who volunteer  so much of their time to our club. It is all the volunteers, along with the full membership, who make our group so much fun. So, thank you Susan for being our President for the past 2 years, and thanks to the many volunteers that plan and lead the Saturday, Wednesday, and special rides. It’s because of all the volunteers’ work that we have many fun rides to participate in each year.  Of course, a special thanks is in order for the volunteers who bring us special events like the Holiday Party, Halloween, and BORP Bike Wash Party, to name just a few.

As President, I look forward to working with the Board, the volunteers and all the special committees, to make the coming year fun and rewarding. And, remember, what makes the VeloRaptors such a fun group is not just our members, but their significant others and guests who make-up the VeloRaptors family.

Let’s have a great year, and I look forward to hearing from all members as to how we can keep improving our club experience.

Randy Mellin

PS: We continue to have  great participation in the Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday rides. So, if you haven’t been riding much, please come out and join the fun.