Welcome! The VeloRaptors are a social group of cyclists based out of Montclair, Oakland. Our regular rides are:
Sunday - 8:45 Meet at Paddington Cafe in Montclair,
Wednesday - 9:00 Meet at Starbucks in Montclair, and
Saturday - 8:45 Meet at Warehouse 416, 416 26th in Uptown Oakland.
Most rides are 30 miles (or less). We usually stop for coffee/snacks at a cafe along the way.

Annual Meeting Sunday June 6 at Sibley – Regular Rides Are Back!

Our annual meeting was held at Sibley Staging Area on Skyline.   Blvd.  Nice to be able to assemble as a group again! Moreover, our weekly rides are back!

Sunday ride leaves from Paddington Cafe in Montclair – early group at 8:30, second group at 9am.

Wednesday Ride leaves from Montclair Starbucks at 9am.

Join Us!