The 7 Riders that fought the cold – and won!

Seven hardy riders braved the initial cool temperatures today and had a very nice ride.  We actually had 8 total participants, as Rob did a short ride, but Mike M. came along to take his place. Chris S. gets honorable mention for showing up at L’Cajou to cheer us on.  

We encountered a light sprinkle as we left Orinda and enjoyed sunshine all the way back. 

Great start to November!

VeloRaptors Clearing The Way!

Our Wednesday ride often splits into two or more groups, depending on destination and pace, and usually this occurs after a regroup at the top of Redwood Rd.  This past Wednesday, the group was split by a much more dramatic event, a falling tree!  The cycling gods were smiling on us, because riders descended Redwood Rd in two groups, rather than the usual one long string.  I was in the second group, and about half way down we encountered a large oak tree that had fallen across the road.

Actually, most of the tree was along side the road, but a LARGE branch was blocking both lanes.  The good news was that the branch was broken, and several of the VeloRaptors were able to pull one end of the branch toward the opposite side of the road, creating a space where a car could get through.

road clearing 2 road clearing 1

While clearing the road, some of us started to wonder about the riders in the earlier group.  They weren’t that far in front of us, maybe a minute.  We encountered Dennis in Moraga, and asked if he had trouble getting past the tree.  He replied ‘What tree?’  A bit later we encountered Bill, Russ and Geoff in Orinda, just as they were leaving, and again mentioned the tree.  They responded ‘Tree?’  Well,  at least this explained why we were so far behind!

Wednesday Ride

The Wednesday ride starts at Nelly’s Java in Montclair Village.  The start time is 9 am. The ride heads south on Mountain Blvd turns right onto La Salle avenue and then Left on Monterey Blvd. From this point the riders work their way up Lincoln ave to Butter dr and climb the gentle turns to the top at Skyline Blvd.  The group then heads south on Skyline and turns left on Redwood road, from there the group climbs over Pinehurst Road and finally turn right a Canyon road and enter the town of Moraga. The group generally has coffee at Si Si’s before returning to Montclair via Canyon road, Pinehurst and Shepard Canyon Road.

Wednesday Ride

Wednesdays a casual and smaller group, meets at Nelly’s Java (Organic Coffee Tea) in Montclair at 1952 Mountain Blvd.(next to the Post Office) and we start riding at around 8:30 am. Come early to socialize.

Our basic mission on Wednesdays is to ride to Moraga for coffee.  Our route is up Butters, to Skyline then east on Redwood Road down to Pinehurst, then Pinehurst to Moraga Road and into Moraga for coffee and snacks.  We return via Moraga Road to Pinehurst, through Canyon and up the Pinehurst climb to Skyline.  

Starting in Montclair, this ride is about 20 miles with 1600 ft of ascent